Sunday, January 2, 2011

How My Husband LOVES ME!

I look across the room & see this man who loves me, just as I am.

He knows parts of my hurtful past, but does not often ask for details, because the woman that I am today is whom he loves.

He sees my weaknesses, but does not feel the need to point them out to me.

He encourages me to keep moving & growing myself forward & limit the looking back.

He does kind things for me without my asking, because it makes me happy & making me happy makes him happy.

He works very hard when it’s time to work & plays just as hard when it’s time to play.

He does not criticize me when the things I try don’t turn out the way that I want, but he will ask me what I learned so that we can make it better next time.

He takes serious things serious & he knows when to laugh at himself & me, in a loving way!

Love this unconditional is the very finest way of
Living Well,
Your Rural Girl,