Saturday, March 26, 2011

Defining a Dream

I was challenged this morning to define one of my dreams.  To write it down, and to put some detail with it.  Thankfully, the challenge is focused on putting it in one statement, and choosing one action to move in that direction!

I have several big life goals!  I want to work through my anxiety, and my codependency, and grow as a woman.  I want to travel! To see beautiful places and photograph them. I want to travel and use my healthcare skills to serve people. I want to improve my photography skills! I want to sing in a band! I want to create more crochet patterns, and get my pattern book published.  I want to write a book that uses my photographs and my writings to entertain and inspire people.

However, I thing that really hinders me from doing any and all of that, is financial. Therefore, my primary goal is to be debt free!  I was once; before my son broke his arm, and my former husband became ill and unable to work.  I worked hard, and made some huge progress, then lost my job, and went back to school, so what I had paid off was replaced with student loans, and what got added as unemployment did not quite cover my expenses.  Fortunately, my debt is manageable, and I can afford to pay more than the minimum balances, and still eat!  But I want it gone! It's very presence reminds me of the bondage I once lived in, and is a form of bondage in and of it self!

When I lost my job, I had to spend some time weighing the budget issues.  I knew that I did not want to remain in the industry that I had spent the previous 8 years in.  But I also knew that in order to return to health care I would not only have to take on student loans, but also take a significant pay cut.  I knew that if I stayed in the industry that had been feeding me well, and helping me to raise my family, that I would make more money, and have more financial security, but I also knew that I had no drive or passion for it, and that it was a job, not a career.  My youngest son was a junior in high school, and I knew that earning a pay check was necessary, but it was time for me to shift my focus from the pay check to my personal satisfaction.  I knew that was better for my overall health ... we all know that stress is so unhealthy for our bodies, in so many ways!

My plan?  1. I have a very strict budget that I follow carefully.  2. I am very very careful with how my money is spent, and if it is not in the budget, it does not happen.  3. Funnel any extra money, such as the tax return, to debt reduction.  4. Take a second job and direct that pay check toward the debt reduction.

What are your life goals? Have you written them down? Have you defined them?  Have you shared them with anyone?  Tell me about one of them!

And Live Well!
Love Suzi~Q