Monday, March 21, 2011

Financial Affermations

First off, I have to let you know that I CAN send little posts "via email" from my phone! The down side is that any pictures I attach do not show up, and there are a bunch of empty blank "boxes" that fill up space unnecessarily, until I can get home and delete them out! But, at least I can get the thoughts out of my head, and feel a little more productive doing it!

I told you that I was working through some new financial planning and debt reduction activities. Well, to be honest, I have been putting more thought into it than action recently!  I am supposed to be keeping a notebook and doing each of the 21 daily activities in it, but I have not. I read them, and ponder them, and mull them over.  But I have not documented them! Geeze!  That really is part of the commitment to making the program actually work!  As the country song goes, "A little less talk and a lot more action"!!

SO!  The activity that I need to DO is choosing a Money Attraction Affirmation.  They suggest things like :
  • I am free of all credit card debt.
  • I am living within my means.
  • I am happily debt-free!
  • I am a Money Star.
  • I feel secure and confident in my financial affairs.
Or making up my own.

I think I like "I have my freedom in living debt free!".  So, I am supposed to say this to myself, out loud if it is an appropriate situation. Write it on a note card so I can see it.  I used to be debt free. I know I will be again!

How are your financial plans? If you don't have any then I recommend that you make some! Don't think that you can just "let things work them selves out", because money does not happen that way!  Have a plan. Know your plan. Be confident in your plan. Be safe in your plan!

I have counseled several friends in budgeting, and planning. I do not touch investing with a ten foot pole, that is not my area of expertise! But I know how to write and follow a budget that is so good even professional financial counselors confess to not writing them as well!  My primary issue is my income level is not high enough to knock my debt down fast enough to suit me! But I have some ideas on the back burner that I hope will help resolve that element of my plans for my future!

Plan Well, so that you can
Live Well!
Love, Suzi~Q