Thursday, July 21, 2011

In My Space

I made a map today. A map of my apartment, according to the most basic Feng Shui grid principals as shared in this article.

I am happy to report that without even knowing it, I feel certain energies I am already utilizing many of my spaces somewhat correctly. Please keep in mind that I previously knew nothing about what energies belong in what quadrants.  I only understood that the living space is divided into 9 equal spaces, and each one represents a different element.

First, my bedroom occupies the relationship/romance quadrant of the grid!

Second, the room I am intending to turn into a little photography studio/office is in the wealth quadrant!

Third, there is a nice area in the living room that is the knowledge quadrant. I already have a William Shakespeare print on that wall!  I have always envisioned that space as my "library", and while I have not used it that way for a couple of years, I was thinking of moving my bookshelves back over there.  Now I know for sure that I will!

Fourth: I don't use the space off my kitchen as a dining room, but I really like to be in that space!  It where I go when I am writing my blog, or working with my photos, or planning things.  As it turns out, this space (fittingly) is the helpful people/travel quadrant. No wonder I feel so comfortable there!  Travel is SUCH a desire for my life!

There are many quadrants that will really need some focus.

I think most glaringly, my career quadrant needs some major attention!! This space also happens to be where my front door is (but we never use the front door because the building lists and the door sticks and is a major pain to open) hm ... telling isn't it???  And that space is where the cat box currently is, because I don't use that entry way, so the box is out of the way, and I don't have to interact with the mess constantly.

But now I know what directions I want and need to go with those spaces and activities =)  Now I need to start rolling up my sleeves, and getting busy, and just focusing on one space at a time.

I am interested in how these changes will help to me continue to grow and ...

Live Well!!
Love as Always,