Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slow down, but Don't Stop Moving!

I have been hiking a few times this summer! Yeah! I love hiking, and really haven't done much of it in the previous couple years.  A childhood friend and her husband are avid hikers, so it has really been great! We also go to yoga together sometimes.

We have come up with a super fun hiking tradition! We do a yoga pose together at the trail end before heading back! =) The we post it on Facebook!

Still quite a bit of snow in the sub-alpine lakes in the north Cascade range in June, so we were not able to hike around Lake 22, but it was great fun!

I haven't been able to hike or even work out for several weeks because my hip has been giving me issues, but i am scheduled to start my injection treatments tomorrow, so I will be in hiking shape again SOON! Might even be ready for a gentle, easy, hike on Saturday =) If I don't go check out one of our local small community fairs! Most likely, I'll end up working Saturday ;)

Perhaps I'll go to the fair with a co-worker on Sunday, and I'll photograph her children! I have a family portrait session scheduled for Thursday that I'm excited about!

So, I'm staying active, even though I cannot WORK OUT at the moment. Keeping moving, and watching what I eat since I'm not burning as many calories. I'll be back on track again in a short while.