Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book Review: The Man Who Saved the Union, Ulysses Grant in War and Peace

In the spirit of Living Well, improving your mind is absolutely at the top of the list of important tasks! In my day job, my current task is pretty sedentary, and has given me the opportunity to utilize audio books. I have really been enjoying this opportunity to enjoy some old favorites, and dive into some educational materials.

One of the recent tomes really got me excited, and I just knew that I had to share it with you! The Man Who Saved the Union, Ulysses Grant in War and Peace is one of THE best dialogs on U.S. history that I have ever read, by far! I truly believe that it ought to be required ready to every voting citizen of this country. I believe it ought to be a central part of all U.S. history courses!

I began the book more familiar with Grant's role in the Civil war only, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that before the war, in his early military career he was stationed in my beloved Pacific Northwest! And even considered resigning his military post and moving his family to the Portland/Vancouver area! The utilization of pieces of letters he had written to his wife truly made him more human.

Author H.W. Brands does a great job of describing what is happening in the United States in the 40 years before and after the Civil War. While the time line is focused on Ulysses role in the stabilization and development of our country, there is an equal and balanced account of a great number of powerful players during that time.

His presentation of the years following the Civil War were very enlightening for me regarding our current political culture! I was able to really see how little has changed in 125 years, as far as the undercurrents and motives of the parties. I was able to see the seeds of current attitudes. And recognize how those early patterns are still present, though they are more covert. I see now the roots of oppression and how it is still so present, and covertly upheld by the source.

I cannot say enough good things about this book! And I'm making it your homework assignment!

A week after finishing the book, my husband and I took a day trip to Portland. On the way home I pointed out a building that I have been fascinated by since my childhood. He took the next exit and searched out the location so that I could experience it. As it turns out, it stands on the ground of Fort Vancouver. It was late in the day, but we were able to spend about an hour exploring around the reconstructed fort sight, and as Grant was stationed there, it really brought it to life for me.

Knowing our roots, and understanding how they continue to play such a huge role in who and what we are as a country is an important element in

Living Well!
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