Sunday, April 7, 2013

Combining Two Households: Living Well by Blending our Things

We've been married 4-1/2 months now, and there still is much that I have not had time to unpack. We have blended so much stuff! We have donated so much stuff, and we still have so much more stuff to go through!

It really is amazing to me! Blending two house holds is challenging. Some decisions were easy ... For instance, we did not need 4 couches! And his newer ones goes perfectly with mine, so that made it easy to choose!

Our kitchen was a little more challenging! We both love to cook, and we both have our favorite pots, tools, pans, bowls .. LOL we made the easy decisions, and then we chose to just live with the extras and see what we are really reaching for, and then thin again later. We have taken this approach on several matters, and it really is working nicely!

I started today's project by organizing my book shelf, which currently resides in the dining room. I got all of my ancient tomes back in their proper order, and placed in attractive order on the wood shelves. It is always so good to spend a few minutes with each of them. They really are precious friends to me!

Next, I spent most of the rest of day today sorting and organizing photos and other mementos. Most of my family pictures had remained boxed, simply because of time! But recently, I have found myself really missing those friendly faces of my ancestors watching down on me! So, I gathered up all of the the pictures I could find in the house and out of the boxes, his and mine, and stood all the standing frames on the dining room table and started looking at them. Envisioning what brought about each moment, and recalling stories. It is so true, isn't it ... A picture is worth a thousand words!

Our braker box is in the dining room (ya, I know ... who thinks of this stuff!!??). JQ has always had a really cool, very large, Ansel Adams print of the redwood forest hanging over it. It is an awkward size box to cover, and one really doesn't want to put a piece of furniture in front of it, as it needs to be accessible! But finding a piece of art that large, that is not obnoxious, is challenging!

As I progressed, the vision I got for my project is the have all of the pictures in the dining room be about family! But that braker box posed a little obstacle! SO! I went into town (and yes, that is a journey! I'm a little more than 20 miles to the local Michaels Craft store!!

Armed with my trusty 50% off one item coupon, I made the journey! In addition to finding a photo collage frame large enough to cover that braker box, I acquired a couple of other necessities, like a picture from for George's first birthday picture!

I brought home my treasures and started tucking in photos of OUR family from the options at hand. Taking some pictures out of frames, and finding some that were loose. Next, I will need to delve into my digital collection and start to fill in the gaps, but that will have to wait for a different day! Standing pictures are now sweetly tucked all over the bookshelves and mantel and end tables.

It feels good that our family pictures are blended, as our lives are blended!

I know more more arranging has to happen. We are going to be painting at some point, so everything will get packed up and moved around again! But for now, it sure feels nice to have my great grand parents smiling down at me! And it makes me laugh to see our grandson's laughing little face beaming from it's new frame!

Having my family about me in this manner is comforting and I feel loved and protected by them.
One more way that we can fill our homes with love and know that with our much cost we are ...

Living Well!