Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living Well Does Not Need to Be Filled with Drama

A commentary on our modern work environment:

Drama and dramatic efforts reap rewards, while quietly and simply getting the job done are invisible ;)
Why do companies thrive on chaos to look successful?

Made up example … But I KNOW we've all witnessed this in one form or another:
2 people are given projects and deadlines.

One gets to work, maps out a plan and begins the take quiet methodical action, calling on individuals to assist when necessary. The project is quietly finished and turned in on time. The employee is thanked.

The other schedules planning meets and spends a lot of time talking with people about the project and what it means and how best to do it. Makes charts and graphs showing why it's so important to accomplish. Then suddenly realized the deadline is looming! Calls a meeting! It can't be accomplished with the current staffing, hire and train more people, work over time late into the night to get it accomplished … It's finally finished, a little late, and DONE with flare! The employee is heralded as a team player, and a stellar example.

It may not always get you recognized, but, keeping your tasks efficient and effective is better for your blood pressure and your temperament, allowing you to
Live Well!

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