Friday, April 26, 2013

Living Well: Fun Little Romantic Gesture

This one's gonna a be a quickie ... slightly appropriately inappropriate considering the title

Four years ago, while on a girls trip to Hawaii, we visited a beautiful temple! In the gift shop, I bought a tiny little Lucky Frog. I brought it home and showed it to my (then boyfriend, now husband). I explained the simple rules to the game:

One person hides Frog, and the other person finds it, taking turns. (Did you find him in the picture?)
Frog hides in random "hiding in front of your face" kinds of places (He's been in the coffee beans, in cereal boxes, on high light fixtures, behind the turned leg of a table, in cowboy boots, pants pockets, under drying dishes, once, even in the bottom of a freshly poured cup of coffee that was waiting for me when I got out of the shower! And many other cleaver little places!)
Frog does not leave the house. (this did happen once, when we went on an out of town fishing trip, and he was hiding in the pocket of a pair of jeans I packed!)
We don't "talk about it", it just happens. If we happen to be together when Frog's hiding place is discovered, we giggle and kiss, and go about our merry way ... plotting the next hiding place ;)

There that's pretty much the game.
A sweet, fun, simple romantic game that helps keep things light and playful and reminds us to be
Living Well!