Monday, April 8, 2013

Old Friends: A Long Lost Poem, Renamed

When I was in high school, I wrote a lot of poetry! I enjoyed it very much! In fact, when I was in school I did a lot of artistic stuff that I was good at and I enjoyed! I drew a lot, with graphite or charcoal or oil pastels. I sewed, I knit, I crocheted. I baked. I sang. I played the flute and the clarinet. It feels good that my life is shifting to a new place where I can again explore those talents and interests. My creative outlets provide the momentum to keep me focused on Living Well.

During yesterday's home organization project I found a poem that I had written as a gift for my paternal grandpa. I think I was a sophomore when I wrote this one. I offer it here for your reading pleasure.

I titled it Soldiers back then ... however, now I'm not sure that is the correct title, perhaps "Old Friends" is better ... Yes, Old Friends is a better title, so I hereby rename my little poem.

Keeping our hearts and minds fresh to creativity helps keep up interesting and vibrant and ...

Living Well,

Old Friends

I saw them walking
the two of them
Plaid shirts flap in the breaze
Worn green work pants
sag from behind
Gay strains of laughter
float towards the sky
and a gentle wind blows
the wisps of
soft silver hair
When the sun lands there
it glitters
they remember the past
they chatter
about the excitement
of the first "talkie"
and the war
Nobody forgets that
Especially since it brought them
They part at the cross roads
shaking hands and
as they stand there
They wonder:
How many more
walks will they take