Friday, November 22, 2013

The True Value of Handmade Items

Crochet is the only needle work that cannot be reproduced on a machine, so anytime you see something that is crocheted, know that another person made that item with their hands, and a small metal hook one stitch at a time. Lace is particularly beautiful; and very time consuming. The lace edge on the pillow case closest to you is 7inches wide and 18 inches long. Likely took a month to make each piece (then again, they didn't watch tv, and sit on the internet the way we do now, so their time priorities were far different than ours!) 

The embroidered areas are bright and detailed and is also a skill that is tedious and unique. 

Based on the skills sets and clock hours, one might think these vintage pieces should be very valuable, but the reality is ... our culture no longer places value on these skills, and they would likely sell for a fraction of what a brand new pillow case would sell for!

 Be mindful of what really goes into getting that particular item into your shopping bag. Many hands are a part of that. Many skill sets. Every human the played a roll in you being in possession of that item has value, and by sharing their skills to create something, they provide necessities for their families, or better schooling options. 

Just a little food for thought when as we begin our holiday shopping season and go through the ritual of placing "value" on something, and gripe about how much it costs ... perhaps the cost is in the making, not it in acquiring :)

Saturday November 30th is Small Business Day.  Small business is the backbone of our American Economy! Lets support it!

Because Thinking Local. Shopping Local. Being Local!
It's all Living Well!

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