Wednesday, January 29, 2014

7 Steps to Living Your Dreams

We cannot just think big and dream big, and hope that something good come of it!

We must take action.

A series of small actions collectively become something larger. Start with those big dream, and big thoughts, them start taking little baby steps to bring them to life.

Living Well is a constant collection of small actions and decisions. It is an on-going choice. It is taking ownership of the dreams. It is taking ownership of the opportunities not taken, and the poorly planned action.

It is not beating yourself up for the missed opportunities, or the lack of planning, or the poor decisions. It is seeing the new opportunities and learning experiences found in them.

1.  Think like and action taker. 

What do you envision goes through the minds of those that seem effortlessly productive? My husband is one of those! He amazes me! He seems to have a magical way of not letting the side projects prevent the success of the current one. He knows how much time it will take to do something, and then does it in that amount of time.

2.  Act like a thinker.

What do you see the successful DOING? Are they watching TV? NO. Are they playing video games? NO. They are taking little steps toward their goal. Some times big steps. Sometimes little tiny ones that we might not even see, but they add up to the ones we can see!

3.  Have a plan.

4.  Write it down.

5.  Every day, do 5 things that take you closer to the end goal.

6.  Every time some new thing needs to be decided, ask yourself, "If I choose this, will it take me closer to, or farther from, my goal?"


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