Monday, May 19, 2014

Salted Caramel Pretzel Brownies

I saw a picture of this on Facebook, and decided to try it.
I could have done it gluten free, but decided that since I was going to eat all kinds of things I don't usually, I might as well make it the way my husband would like it best.

You will need:
Brownie mix (or make it from scratch!)
Mini pretzels
Carmel squares (I looked for the old-fashioned Kraft ones, but my store didn't have them, so I got another brand that I like)
Rock sea salt (I used pink Himalayan sea salt)

While the brownie mix is still dry, rub the baking pan with butter or oil, then lightly dust with some of the mix, to keep it from sticking.

Then mix up your batter

(my amazing husband unwrapped the caramels while I did all this!)

Put a thin later of the batter in the bottom of the baking dish, then arrange 2 layers of pretzels in the bottom ... Per the directions I originally had, I arranged in neat orderly rows, 2 layers deep.

Pour on the rest of the brownie batter, and bake per the instructions.

While it's in the oven, melt the caramels in a glass bowl in the microwave with a little splash of milk or cream ... It only took about 90 seconds, go slow, as you don't want to burn the caramels, that would just be sad! Stir really well so it is smooth.

After the brownies are done and tested with a clean knife, pour the caramel mixture over the top, and LIGHTLY sprinkle salt over the top.

Let the whole thing cool well.
Serve with ice cream if desired (my husband and step-son had ice cream, I did not)

My family's review ... ?
It was fun to do, and easy to make.
I thought it looked pretty.
We didn't really like the pretzels softened.
My husband does not like the salt with the caramel.
I like the salt and the caramel together.
I'm not much of a chocolate eater, or even a sweets eater for that matter, so it was too rich for me.
The 14 year old boy was too busy snarfing to comment much except that we was sad that the pretzels were soft.

Over all not bad, but I don't think it suits my family's dessert favorites. I will make it again to take to a function!

Living well is about trying different things and accepting them for what they are! No harm. No fowl. That's how we learn! If you try it, comment and tell me what YOUR family thinks :)