Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being Open to Opportunities

I am being offered an opportunity by God and the universe to challenge my preferences.  To reach for what I want as much as for what I deserve.  To accept what is before me without forsaking the deepest desire.  My heart is being stretched to a greater capacity than I had previously known.

If you have been following me, you know that I recently graduated from my medical assisting program, allowing me to return to an industry that I left in 2002.  My heart is there, and my soul so longs to provide much needed to care to my fellow human beings.  I am excited to be using the vast array of skills that my life and training have provided me with.

I was offered a job today.  I rejoice!  It's a job, and in this economy, that is a big deal!  It is with a company that has a good history, and a mission of serving the under served, which very much is a part of my personal mission (there is a post about that!)!  It is a small clinic, and feels like the kind of place where I can be part of a team of people that want to be doing what they are doing.  It will be good to be part of a group of people that work well together as a cohesive team!  I love working as part of a team that becomes synergistic!  I have no idea yet where all of this will take me, but I am sure that more doors will be open.

I have my sights already setting on the next level ...  have a friend who is an RN and has just returned from another medical missions trip, this time to the Dominican Republic.  I sat and cried like a baby as I looked through the pictures she shared.  When she went to Hatti last year, I cried after looking at those pictures, and my heart started to be open.  I have always had a heart for service oriented mission work, and am really feeling a strong calling to go, and utilize my talents and skills to make a real difference in someones life ... To impact to world.  I have been further inspired to help by another friend that has a small business helping non profit organizations with their data collection so they can better provide food and medical services in impoverished countries.  While there is much need for me right near home, I am truly feeling the call to places off this continent.  To explore, and connect,and bring home the stories.  To help those at home to see how blessed we are here.  I see, in my heart the unique and individual human souls that are looking at me through those pictures, and I long to connect with them, and make as much of an impression in their lives, and they have already made in my heart.

To get to that place, I will begin by working with what is laid before me, and keep seeking connections and opening my heart and life to all of the possibilities that God and the universe see fit to provide me with.

It helps me to live well!!
Love Suzi