Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Free Food from God

There is something about the late summer early fall practice of putting up food for the winter that feels so good!

The idea of not letting the fresh produce go to waste makes me feel rich! Responsible! And nostalgic.

Food doesn't come from the grocery store! That's where we most often take possession of it, but God has provided us with abundance all around! For free! I have been gathering huckleberries from the woods around my home and raspberries from my sister-in-law's patch that grows wild! I put them in a single layer on  cookie sheets and shallow baking pans, set them in the freezer, then store them in sandwich size freezer bags! Blackberries are just starting to ripen in my area, so I'll be adding them to the freezer in the same way!

The other day I picked a hod full of peaches from my S.I.L. :) They are going bad quickly this year, so this morning I slipped sliced and stoned them, and put them in freezer bags.

We don't happen to eat much in the way of jams and jellies, but many love that method of preserving fruit.

My S.I.L. will have grapes ready in the fall. I think I'll borrow my folk's steamer to make and can juice!

Having tasty seasonal food to eat in the middle of winter is such a blessing! I'm already looking forward to having fresh peach pie come December! Last year our green beans did really well, so they got blanched and frozen and were great for tossing in crock pot stews!

Foods harvested late in their growing cycle have higher nutritional value than than those that ripen in a box ... And when glanced and frozen, more of that nutrition is preserved!

Its good for your body.
Good for your heart.
Good for your wellness.

Eating well is Living Well!

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