Saturday, September 14, 2013

Be Prepared to Accept Opportunities

Waiting to get my last fish for the day INTO the boat! Had a nice one get close enough to get a good look at before snapping my line. And a couple more teased and let me reel a bit before shaking lose.

Its kind of like life opportunities! Equal measures of skill, timing, superstitious tricks & luck!

And before I finished that last sentence, he struck & came aboard! I think in part that happens because I was ready, but not just sitting around waiting for it to happen to me. I was engaged in connecting with my husband and contemplating and blogging about the life lesson!

My dad used to tell me to take whatever job is available, because its easier to find a job when you have a job. Employed people are more employable!

Opportunities come to those with several game plans and visions and are willing to run with whatever God the Universe and Serendipity throws at them!

Get out there! Create ideas and opportunities by opening yourself to lots of possibilities!
That, is living Well!

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