Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Grown out Superwash Project is Not a Loss Altogether - Convert a failed Hat into a Handbag

Last summer I crocheted a hat using super wash wool.
Not something I do often being allergic to sheep wool, but I have been told on several occasions that the process that makes it washable should take out the "things" that make me react ... First off that isn't true in my case! And I had a request from a friend and some in my gifted stash to get used up, so I thought I'd try it out.

I have been hearing from others for a couple years now about super wash growing and getting bigger after a project is completed, so I wanted to test this out as well.

Here is my perspective. Super wash is still an allergen for me, it still grows after stitching, and will still felt up if you throw it in the washing machine and dryer.

Here is how one of my projects turned out, and what I did about it.
Read on to find out more ...

I made this hat using a super wash wool that had been given to me:

But it just kept stretching bigger, even after tossing in the dryer to try to tighten it up. So, I tucked it away until the other day. NOW I have a plan to avoid throwing it in the trash!

I turned it upside down and pinched in the sides ... Like this     ...

Then I took some other scrap yarn that matched in color and crocheted a heavy cord .... And poked that through the  accordion pleats ...

Did that on both ends, and tied the cord ends together ....

BAM ... Cute little purse!

Lesson learned ... Don't give up too quickly, remember to think outside the situation facing you!
This is Living Well!
Love, SuziQue