Saturday, September 8, 2012

If Money Wasn't an Obstacle

I friend recently asked me to write an article about what I would do if I won the lottery.

My first thought was ... "Well, that'd be a good trick, since I've never bought a lottery ticket in my entire life!"

So, I sat back with the idea to think for a while.

After some mulling and pondering, I decided, that for the purpose of this article, it really doesn't matter how one might randomly come into a large windfall; could be inheritance, or the lottery, or some other form of gambling, or an investment pays off in a huge way.

It seemed to me that the question really is, "What would you do if you suddenly had a ridiculously large sum of money that you did not have to earn?"

What would YOU do??

Me, being the ever practical one, I would first pay off the few small debts that remain, reminding me of harder times and difficult choices. I would buy that little truck I want (cause my cute little car just doesn't like the dirt roads I find myself driving on!) Next, I would decide where I want to live (Carmel-By-The-Sea beckons to me!), I would find my perfect little Anne Cottage and buy it. I would take a very large portion of the balance and invest it solidly in something that has a return I can live off of. If I work, I want to work for my heart sake!

THEN ...

Would I quit my job? I dont think I would stop working altogether, but I think I would seek out a position that really made my heart happy! I loved working in the clinic! I loved helping people be healthy! I might go back to school and build on some of my nurturing skills!  Perhaps I might put more focus on life coaching, or nutritional guidance, or something in that realm. Perhaps put more focus on my art, and my writing.

I would LIVE! I would grow a garden with beautiful flowers and food that I could share with others! I would drive around visiting people, and sharing the harvest of my garden, and  making them laugh and smile! And write inspiring words to share with others!

I would travel! I would visit my grandson, and take him on adventures! I would see the world, and visit new people and make new friends and write blog articles about it!

I would share my love of my family and my friends and have them over for tea.

I would sew more, and crochet more, and knit more.

I would read more.

I would take pictures, and send hand written letters, and cook beautiful delicious fresh food!

I would play with babies, and go to the beach!

I would infuse my life with live music, and sing! Take more voice lessons, and relearn to play my clarinet. Go to the symphony and the opera, and the theater, and rock concerts, and my friend's kids school concerts!

I would do yoga at the beach, and on mountain peaks! And listen to the music of the earth!

I would make snow angles, and marvel at the quiet stillness of a icy winter morning.

I would dance, and laugh, and go to the fair, and drive to see my out of state family.

WOW! LOL! I already do these things (except travel the world!), but I would be able to do them on a much grander scale! I would be able to make them the FOCUS of my life, instead of them being simply delightful things that I manage to tuck into the spaces left between my work hours!

It is an art form to just simply ...

LIVE, well!
Love, Suzi~Q