Friday, July 25, 2014

Joining Yarn without Tying a Knot

It is so frustrating when your skein of yarn runs out in the middle of the row!

Here is a great technique for joining a new skein of yarn without tying a knot.

I like this particularly for afghans as the extra bulk will not be noticeable.

Consider where this will be useful, or where it might show.

This could be a fun way to use up scraps of similar weight yarn to make a random colored afghan, or crazy fun colorful sweater or scarf!

I love to hear from you!
Comment and tell me what you think or how it worked for you!

New stitching techniques make me happy!
Stitching is great therapy for Living Well,
Love from your Rural Girl,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blended Huckleberry Hard Lemonade - Adult Beverage

I am so amazed at the bounty that God provides! How tiny seeds turn into heads of lettuce and seemingly little bushes can be SO covered with tiny little gems of deliciousness!

How can we just drive past these marvels and ignore that God is providing nutrition! Yes, the birds, and in my neighborhood sometimes the bears, eat them, so when I harvest from nature, I am not gluttonous, and I be sure to leave some for the other creatures that roam our woods!

I have been picking huckleberries around my yard and freezing them! Also the raspberries that grow in my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's yarn ... they don't eat them but just let them grow ... I think so that I can come get them and day dream about childhood summers picking raspberries warmed in the sun with my grandma!

So far I have 5 sandwich bags of huckleberries (this is no small feat as those things are tiny!) and 13-15 sandwich bags of raspberries tucked into the deep freeze, just waiting for one of those days in the fall or winter when I am longing for the taste of summer! Think of all the money I am saving by harvesting the free food that God provides all around us!

These berries will be SO delicious!
I will make: scones, pie, cream cheese coffee cake, shortbread cookies, danishes, and chicken and fish dishes ... I will put them on cereal, and in cottage cheese and yogurt ... OK, you get the picture!

According to several sources, huckleberries are very good for you! And because the grow wild, they are not genetically modified and are organic! They are very high in antioxidants and have several other health benefits! here are some of them as listed on Lifestyle Lounge's article about them ... 

THEN in conversation with some friends about my amazing discoveries ... Well ... Look what happens next ...

I should have chilled the hard lemonade in the freezer for 15 minutes and used 2 cups of berries to give a more "slushie" like consistency, but it was SO delicious!
As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Get out there and eat well and 
Live Well,
Love from Your Rural Girl,
Suzi Que