Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crochet Tutorials on Foundations and Connected Stitches

The wonderful thing about stitching with a double crochet, is that you get amazing height with it! One row of double crochet is slightly taller than 2 rows of single crochet, depending on your yarn, hook, and personal tension.

The down side for me with double crochet, is that I do not like the gaps between the stitches for a lot of projects,  unless I am making something lacy, or am intending to weave something through the spaces.

A couple of years ago I learned about connecting double crochets, and WOW ... What a difference it has made in several of my projects! You'll bee seeing it more in upcoming designs.

I am also NOT a fan of the long starting chain for afghans, but especially garments! It is too easy for it to get twisted, and is just isn't stretchy and flexible, so not comfortable at all around the edges of garments. I am a lace maker from the beginning of my crochet life ... often referred to as a "Threadie" which is where I learned to make foundation double crochet and foundation single crochet.

Over the years I have combined these techniques together and come up with some great techniques that really are game changers! I present for you here four video tutorials that I hope you find useful and helpful!

Be sure to share these, Pin them on Pintrest, and share them on Facebook and so forth! Let's make them viral! I hope that my tutorials take some of the challenge and mystery out of creating meaningful crochet work for Stitchers everywhere!

This is the Foundation Single Crochet.

Try out the Foundation Double Crochet:

Build on your basic skills by trying the Connected Double Crochet:

Now, put it all together ... DO NOT psych yourself out here!
Take a deep breath and watch this tutorial as many times as you need to to totally master the
Connected Foundation Double Crochet!

Growing and building your stitching skills also grows and builds your confidence and creativity!
Which is another amazing part of

Living Well!
Love SuziQue!