Sunday, June 10, 2018

Living Well is More Important Than Ever

I was cleaning the gutters of our house and feeling so blessed for  the health and ability to do this task. Thankful that I could spend that time with my husband, working on the care of our home together.

Sometimes it's the simple things that make our lives good, right?

How you define Living Well?

As we more and more frequently hear of celebrities choosing to end their lives; and more and more people in our own circles following suit, I can't help but ask what's happening?

But maybe more importantly, what acts of kindness can I, can we, implement into our lives that might help encourage another person?

You never know if the person passing you in the grocery store isle is hurting. Physically, emotionally. That is exhausting stuff.

You don't know if that person pushing you through traffic is late for a job they are scared to loose.

I have made a small practice over the last handful of years of smiling at strangers. Commenting kindly at the store. Trying to connect to my fellow humans in small genuine ways.

Sometimes it is received with a smile.

Other times with suspicion.

But, maybe if all of us thought about the broader collection of neighbors we share the planet with, with a little more kindness and curiosity people might feel a little less disassociated, more connected, more alive.

Didn't we learn this stuff as kids from Fred Rogers? Why do so many people think that is only for TV? Only for children? Only for the Land of Make-believe?

It's not!

It's more important than ever to just #benicetopeople

I am going to do more random acts of kindness.
Smile more and hold conversations with strangers.
Engage in life more with my family.
Ask questions.
Listen to answers.
Care up close, instead of at a distance.

There are a couple of projects I am doing to put this into action!

I am making quilts for my kids made with bits of fabric from their childhood.

I am going to make little crochet hearts that my friend is going to sprinkle along her path driving her daughter across country. The idea comes from the Payton Heart Project:

I am making breast prosthesis in honor of my friend who was just diagnosed:

I am sharing my growing collection of reusable grocery bags by helping people bag their groceries at my local WinCo!

I am smiling at strangers.

What might feel right for you to do?
Share in the comments! You just might inspire and encourage someone through that!

Live Well!