Sunday, March 24, 2013

Brisk Start to Spring

I went for a brisk little walk down our half mile driveway Saturday morning ... the glistening sunshine was deceptive! It was cold! My nose was red and my eyes were watering! LOL ... And it was wonderfully very refreshing and invigorating!

Living out in the country is amazing! I am greeted every day by nature, and green and fresh air! This is the place where I feel the most relaxed and inspired and connected to LIFE!

Our Saturday was filled with bunches of puttery outside stuff, JQ and his son assembled the new dump wagon then he took the new riding lawn mower for a spin with the wagon in tow! I got my camera out and played with some settings I don't usually use (this still needs more concentrated study!!) I even cleaned out my cute little car ... We took a little break to left over homemade cheeseburgers for lunch the went back out to haul firewood up to the house using the new yard tractor and it's little wagon. Yes, it's still chilly enough that a fire at night is required.

Then we were off to deliver the boy to his soccer team laser tag season ender party at a local youth camp facility that is hidden away in the woods, so we took a nice walk around the grounds while we waited for the event to start. Then we were on our way into the city, to the hardware store to look at new garden/landscape blocks to finish off the updating and expanding of our little veggie garden.

It's too early to plant, but it is the perfect time to prep and plan! JQ is building a cute split rail fence, and we are edging the soil with some cute stone blocks that he is picking up Sunday. The inside will be lined with chicken wire to help keep critters out. No, the 5 foot fence wouldn't stop the deer from getting in! BUT, since the neighbor's garden isn't fenced at all, they usually don't expend the effort to get to mine! LOL

Life is Wonderful and Delicious and meant to be ... Lived Well! So get out there and Live Well ... Post a comment and share what you've been doing!
LOVE, Suzi~Q