Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby Sara's Bunny Hat: Free Crochet Pattern

This Grami LOVES to make fun things for her grandchildren, so when my daughter-in-law hinted about a floppy bunny ear hat for my granddaughter I got busy!

This hat is stitched using a size H hook and Peter Pan Cupcake yarn; this is a SUPER soft fluffy 50/50 acrylic/nylon yarn perfect for babies! The 50gram balls have about 90meters.

I used one full skein for the back of the ears and the body of the hat; a little bit of a second color for the inside of the ears and a third color for edge joining the inside and outside ear sections and making the ribbing on the hat body edge.

I started first by making the ears. I did a lot of searching to find the right thing and finally happily settled on this one: Mama G's Bunny Ear Pattern. I made a total of 4 pieces. Two are pink, for the inside of the ear, and two are made from the hat body yarn.

After weaving in the ends, I aligned each pair of ear pieces, one inside and one outside wrong sides together and with the beginning knots at the same ends. Starting at the end where the beginning knots are and with the inside facing me, I began the third color yarn in the first stitch with a slip stitch working through the stitches on both pieces to join. Ch2, and dc down the row, inserting the hook in one loop on each ear piece.

To turn the corner at the tip of the ear, I identified the "tip" and one stitch on either side. I made 2 dc in each "either side" stitch, with a singular dc in the "tip" stitch. Dc back down the other side, and finish off, leaving a long tail to secure the ear to the hat later.

To make the hat body I followed my basic hat tutorial, and added 2 rounds of front post/back post dc to make the ribbing. To determine the diameter of the crown, measure the circumference of the head and divide that number by 3.15 (pi). This will give an approximate diameter.

If the crown will not lay flat for you here are a couple of TIPS:
1. For ruffling edges, you are getting too many stitches, or just too much length due to individual stitching style. Back out your rounds until it is laying flat, and stitch your increases in less frequent spaces.
2. For cupping, you are not getting enough stitches or length, again often do to personal technique. Simply back your rounds out until the crown lays flat again and add increases in a couple of additional locations.

Once the hat body was finished and ends woven in, I folded the attaching end of the ears in half, and used a couple of stitches to hold them in place. I used long pins to temporarily hold them in place on the hat until I had them evenly and pleasantly located. The I used the long ending tail to securely sew them to the hat body.

All in all the whole project could easily be done in an evening!
Please message me if you have any questions and I will do my best to make corrections, or answer your question!

Ear version #2!! After making Sara's hat, I got a customer request for another, but with BIGGER ears!

I made these ears single layer, but you could do them double layer so the inside and outside are different colors.

R1: 3FSC (foundation single crochet) Here is the video tutorial for FSC
R2: Ch2, turn. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in each sc across, then FSC
R3: Ch1, turn. Sc across the row.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until there are 9 sc.

Work straight until the entire piece measures 10 inches, or 2 inches short of your desired length.

Decrease by sc2tog at the beginning and end of each row until 3sc remain. Finish off.

Attach trim at the beginning of R1. Work counter clockwise making 1sc in each ends of row, around the end, and back down the other side, leaving the FSC un-worked.

Change colors as often as desired.

I folded a little dart in the FSC row, and with the folds facing forward, stitched to secure near the top of the hat.

Share your pictures!

Adorable babies in adorable hats is truly ...
Living Well!