Friday, March 7, 2014

Discover Where Your Life is Going

Like trying on clothes, we try different careers, activities, people and places until we find what fits and what suits us.

That being said, all to often, we already have our answer deep within our hearts, if we would only stop and listen. Stop and trust our instincts.

THAT being said, there is still nothing wrong with going with that gut instinct, and finding out it wasn't quite right! There is NO FAILURE, because we have simply discovered something that doesn't work at this time.

We are a culture of planners. Our culture tells to never go forward without a concrete written plan. "Winging it" just isn't safe. But sometimes, that concept of "where we are going" is a feeling, something that is more difficult to put into words.

But when we hold that dream, that feeling, with an open heart; when we explore possibilities toward it, and take actions to nurture it, and allow it to grow and change, then God brings us the opportunities to manifest it into reality. God uses the world around us, and people, and what seems to us to be Serendipity. (Many these days think of God as 'source', the universe, 'spirit', higher power. To me he is still God, and I will refer to him as such, without apologizing.)

Share an experience in your life where this has played out for you. When this experience has helped you in your process of ...

Living Well,