Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Living Well is Growing and Changing

Thank you to all of my readers for encouraging and inspiring me to write and create!
I need to make you aware of some of changes!
And there are more to come that haven't even been decided yet!

I'm sure that you have noticed the format of the blog changing ... new background color, new layout, new buttons ... 

One that topic, I am taking a bold action today. I have added a "donate" button to this blog. The content I create here is free, and I wish for it to continue to be so. I have added a PayPal button if you feel a desire to support my efforts with a small contribution so that I can continue to focus more quality toward this effort!

It is my intention to really be able to focus and GROW the creative efforts that I have launched this year, and your support and encouragement make that possible!

Follow your Rural Girl, SuziQue, as she shares crochet (and knitting) designs, healthy food, exercise, fun adventures, and so much more that will challenge, inspire and encourage you to truly live your life as fully and wonderfully as possible!

There is always something new, and something fun!

Don't miss out on anything! 

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I love your comments, and I love your feedback! It totally jazzes me up when you comment and share and Pin and what you learn here!

Share your ideas for what you would like to see me feature and share.

Being open and learning and growing is what 
Living Well
is all about!