Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Woven Look Crochet Scarf Pattern Demystified

This is NOT my pattern ... I found it HERE

It was SO clever, that I had to try it, but as you can see, it is written in some sort of what I guess is an Eastern European language ... thankfully they have great photos in their tutorial!

Here is my version ... Of course I made mine Seattle Seahawks colors cause I'm a 12 ;)

Take a look at the link I posted at the top, the tutorial photos are really good.

Here is the written version of how I did it:

Leave a 4+ inch tail to turn into fringe later.

Chain a multiple of 10 plus 7. 

Make note of the number of stitches, so you can make it the same each row. I used a split ring marker every 10th stitch, because it makes counting easier when I’m distracted.

Row 1: Dc in the 4th ch from hook, and in the next 3ch. *Ch5, sk 5 ch, dc in the next 5ch.* repeat * to * across.
Tie off row with 4+ inch tail (again, for the fringe)

Row 2: With the next color, leaving a 4+ inch tail, make a chain the same length as the beginning chain.

Weave the chain through the ch5 loops of the first row (see the photo in the original posting of the pattern).

Work as for row 1, being sure to work over the ch5 spaces following the direction of the weave.

It might matter to you to weave the same direction every time, or to go the opposite direction. Play with it!!

Repeat row 2 for desired width.

Add some fringe in the ends of the rows.

Make it out of your school colors or favorite sport team colors.

Make every row a different yarn, different texture, different color.
HAVE FUN with it :)

Being creative and trying new things is
Living Well!
Love from you Rural Girl,