Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's the Small Things That Count Sometimes

As you know, I have been doing the daily challenges emailed to me from

Today's challenge was to list 3 things from childhood or teen years that made me happy.  The web site's rational is "Being an adult has its fun moments, but it can be full of responsibility and stress, too. By reliving the small events that made you truly happy, it can help you remember and appreciate the simple joys that life can offer. From here, you can keep an eye out for other small things or plan activities that can bring fun and cheer to your days."  Which I agree with, and encourage you to also take a look at your youth through your new grown up eyes.

That seemed like a perfect opportunity to do a little writing this morning!!

Not all of us had totally blissful childhoods.  Some of us may have to think long and hard, and search our memories for the small  pieces of happiness that we have experienced.  I believe that looking for those nuggets from our pasts can help us in our life long healing process, much the way a prospector pans the river for that one gold nugget that will bring him his riches.

My childhood was decent.  No major calamities.  No major victories. Even keel pleasant. Solid.

I was a happy baby, and had lots of family around as a little one.  Some of my most fond memories are centered around various family activities; camping, BBQs, visiting out of state.

I have many happy memories of outdoor activities.  Camping, hiking, fishing, river rafting, chopping fire wood, working, some with friends, some with family.

I got to play a role in our elementary school Cinderella play in the 6th grade.

I learned so much about business and money with my dad.

I learned to love literature and books.

What pleasant things are in your memories past?  Don't discount them, no matter how small they are, they help you

Live Well!