Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cost Effective Resources for Crochet and Knitting

This started as a post on our FACEBOOK page! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how important this topic is! But before I get started, I want to encourage you to "like" us on Facebook, and sign up here for your free email updates! I don't want you to miss out on any of the fun!

We all craft for different reasons. For some of us, it is to save money because that luxurious sweater we want would be hundreds of dollars to purchase, but $100 or less to crochet or knit.

Some of us crochet or knit because we love to make one of a kind items for our home and family and friends. Some of us love the magic of watching a tangle of "string" become a garment, or blanket. Whatever your reason, crochet and knitting have some common "threads" (pun totally intended)

We are all, for the most part, aware that quality materials make for a quality finished product; and we are also aware that it can be challenging to invest your hard earned and often sparse dollars in both good yarn and great patterns! I'm sure that many of us have struggled at one time or another (or maybe even many times!) with some variation of this quandary ... "If I buy that amazing sweater pattern that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, can I afford to buy the amazing yarn too, and end up with an amazing finished sweater that will be worn and worn and worn for years to come?"

I'd like to encourage you to think outside the usual! I borrowed these great books (shown in the picture) from my local library last night! There are LOTS more too! And DVD tutorials!

I have lived so many years confined by my budget, that even though I have more freedom, the habits are hard to let go of! SO, I find great patterns this way, and I feel more comfortable spending more of my designated project funds on delicious and amazing yarn! Through the use of the library system, I have also discovered what types of items and techniques I love the most. Then, when I find myself checking a book out for the second, or third time, I know it is time to consider purchasing! And I can search AMAZON for my favorite crochet books title!

It also helps the library system to know what topics they need more books on! & helps keep the library system funded (because part of their funding is determined from the frequency of check-outs!)


Live Well by searching your local Library and shopping your local Yarn Store, post a picture on FaceBook and share what you are making!