Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Super Simple Shoulder Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

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As a thank you for all of your support and encouragement, I have created this Free Super Simple Shoulder Wrap Crochet Pattern for my readers! Click the link for the PDF.

I used about 275 yards of yarn, but 300 or more would be even better! Use lots of colors and delicious textures! This is a great opportunity to use some of those super fun yarns that you only bought one ball of (we all have those in our stash!)! So mix a bunch of colors and textures together in alternating rows for a one of kind colorful (and dare I say useful!?) masterpiece that you can finish this weekend!

Since I ran out of the llama first, and ended up with a couple extra yards of the fun fur which wasn't enough to anything else with, it was the perfect fringe to finish off this super soft wrap!

Create something beautiful today! For yourself. For a friend! For that special family member! It will surely get lots and lots of love and use!

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