Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 Ideas For How to Find Time to Crochet, or Knit, or Create!

The question of finding time to stitch comes up for a lot of us, on a regular basis!

Here are a few ideas I hope might resonate with you!

Please comment on this post, and share what works for you! Have you incorporated something from one of these ideas? Have you found other ways that work for you? What could you adjust or change this week to make your stitching experience more enjoyable and accessible? If you find this article encouraging or helpful in anyway, please share it with your circle of stitchers so they too can be encouraged and inspired!

First of all, most of us know, you cannot simply FIND more time, you have to MAKE time and TAKE time. We don't randomly stumble across extra time.

Sometimes that time is stolen, or wriggled in. Mostly it is PLANNED and scheduled in.

There is an old saying, "If it is important to you, you will find a way."

That being said, you must also be prepared for open time opportunities, no matter how tiny they might be.

1. Keep several little tote bags, or baskets around with different types and sizes of projects so one is always at the ready! Even if you can only get a few stitches in at a time, it all adds up in the long run!

2.  In the car, if you are the driver, keep a little washcloth/pot holder bag at the ready! That way, when you get to your destination, if you are even just a couple of minutes early, you could make even half a dozen stitches!

3. In the car, if you are the passenger, keep something small and easy to work on, with a simple stitch so you don't get car sick paying too much attention to your project and not looking up! Also, you can still talk with the other folks in the the car, like the driver ;) Hats, scarves, things of that size are great!

4. In the car ... keep a moderate project like a sweater, for when you are waiting ... at the DOL, or the doctors, on your lunch break at work, on your 10 minute break at work, and the like ...

5.  SCHEDULE in the time! If you are home and doing chores, reward yourself with 15 or 30 minutes of stitching after you finish a less than pleasant task like cleaning the bathroom! Set the timer! This way you get your reward, and time doesn't get away from you!

6. At home, keeping a basket by your favorite chair, or your spot on the couch, is a great place for your ongoing afghan projects! Keep your stitches basic, so that you can still pay attention to your favorite show, our your favorite couch companion!

Stitching is good for your mental health, and is not a waste of time! It is a form of meditation and healing. When you create it helps release hormones and endorphins in your brain!
You create art, and art is good for your spirit!
You create gifts, which are good for building connection with people in you life!

Making time to create your life, the way you want it to be, is a constant and ongoing part of
Living Well!
Love Your Rural Girl,