Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY Wintering Fuchsias: Part 2-Setting Them Out in the Spring

Last fall I decided to winter my fuchsias.

They are one of my favorite spring and summer plants, and I have long known that they can come back every year! I have tried before without success to winter my hanging baskets, so last year I did some research, including talking with my master-gardener sister-in-law. I got a better understanding of what to do, and set to work ... ok ... really, it's not that much work, it really was pretty simple!

Here is what I did ... DIY Wintering Fuchsias: Part 1-Preparing for Winter Storage

Over the winter I checked on the plants once in a while to make sure they weren't too dry. I checked to make sure nothing had fallen on them and that bugs had not decided to set up residence.

They lived in the (separate from the house) garage most of the winter, as my garden shed just didn't seem to offer quite enough protection from the cold. In March, I moved them to the shed as my husband was working on some big projects and installing a little wood stove in the garage so it is a more comfortable work shop for his many projects (he is a master craftsman, so being able to freely make sawdust is very important!).

Once it stopped freezing and hailing at the beginning of April here, I took the pots out, unwrapped them, and set them out on the lawn to let the rain water and rinse them good. Imagine my surprise when THERE WERE SIGNS OF LIFE in 2 of the 3 pots! I left them on the shed porch for a week or so to acclimate.

At the advice of my Sister-inLaw, I brought them in the house the other day and put them in the breakfast nook, since it is mostly windows and not heated. She said it will be light and heat that encourage the plants to really get growing.

Here is what is happening at this point!

Lots of good growth on the fuchsia!

A tiny hint here, but I cannot remember if this is a geranium or not.

Nothing going on here.

If I don't see additional signs of life in the other pots, then I'm just going to go to the nursery and get some pretty little starts and re-fill the baskets ... it's less expensive than buying all new baskets in bloom, and I get to really design them they way I want! Who wants flower baskets that look just like all the other baskets in town!

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Stay tuned for Part 3 - Summer Blossoms!

Beautiful flowers are art made by God, and so soothing to me. They are an important part of
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