Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keeping Focused - Taking Time for Prayer and Meditation

In the Pacific Northwest, we have Vine Maple.
In the fall the leaves turn some of the most amazing shades of red and orange! They are rather unmistakable as you drive along many or our country roads.

But, when they are not in their full fall glory, these limber foliage plants go rather unnoticed. Focusing on both the big picture and the details is a balancing act that requires that peace and quite time. Up close and personal in the spring, this fun plant has tiiiiiny little red blossoms, and if you did not STOP, look, pay attention, you would never notice them.

While a member of the tree family, there is no traditional trunk that stands straight and tall; the strong, and very flexible, green limbs seem to just go on and on, they often grow horizontal, and I have rarely seen a limb bigger than my forearm.

This is one of my favorite places in the woods near my home. A nurturing little place where the energy is good, and I feel like I can connect with God and meditate.

When I come to this place, I feel calm. I feel safe. My mind is at ease and I am free to think and feel

Taking those moments is important for our health, and our welling being. Allowing our thoughts to just be; focusing on the breath. Listening to the world, without analyzing or cataloging.

After you have sat quietly for at least 5 minutes, this is a great opportunity to journal your experience. Maybe write about what it was like to not think. Write about what the air felt like on your skin. What the air smells like. What the breeze sounds like as it passes through the leaves.

Just BE. Then come back to to "reality" slowly, take your time.
Or maybe THAT is the place of reality, and the rest of life is the distraction.

Allow yourself the time you need to calm those thoughts that run rampant and wild and out of control.
Allow yourself the calm, the peace, the quiet.

Please share your thoughts with me! And pass this along to your friends!

When we do not allow peace and serenity a place in our lives, we cannot fully and truly...

Live Well!