Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Living Well Doesn't have to be Expensive: A Facial Recipe

Looks like ingredients for a tasty salad dressing ... and in fact, they likely would make just that! But today, this is becoming a wonderful natural and inexpensive facial!

I snip the end of a flax seed oil capsule and squeeze it into a little dish. You could use Vitamin E, olive oil, grape seed oil, or even coconut oil. For this application, I like the anti-inflammatory properties of the flax!

I put similar quantities of each of the other ingredients in the dish. It's like 1/4 teaspoon for those of you that like to measure and not guesstimate.

I eat plain Greek yogurt regularly, but any plain yogurt will do. It is best to avoid flavored yogurts as they have unnecessary sugars.

Side note: In my opinion, this brand of Greek yogurt is my favorite! and doubles nicely for sour cream! And I'm not usually big on pretending one food is another, but this brand is really delicious! I buy it plain, and I can put frozen fruit in it if I want to flavor it up!

OK ... back to the facial, you've got your oil, your lemon juice, honey (mine is local and organic) and yogurt of equal portions in your dish. Mix them up well, and then smear it all over your face and neck!

It doesn't dry hard, or tight. In fact, it feels pretty good! So I leave it on for a half hour or so then rinse it off. My skin feels and looks fresh again! YAY!

I like keeping it as kissable as possible so my hubby will kiss it as much as possible!

Fresh, soft happy faces are pure art, and glow with ...

Living Well,