Saturday, April 20, 2013

Living Well is a Sensual Experience

Yes, I said SENSUAL, not sexual (though that is certainly a very important sensation in the scheme of Living Well!!)
Sensual is not a "dirty word"!
Sensual is a behavior of using ALL of your senses!
God gave us five physical senses.
But He gave us some others too, that might be less obvious ... and are certainly senses that can be developed.
Intuition - (I had a sense that something wasn't quite right. or It just felt right.)
Mental faculties- (Have you taken leave of your senses!?!?!)
Common Sense - (Come to your senses!)
Soul connection - (I'm so glad you called! I was just thinking about you!)
Living Well requires that you use ALL of the senses that God gave you!
So! Lets get out there and really, truly, experience our world!
Use all of your senses!
Pay attention to those that you more often brush aside!
Make note of how the air smells while it's raining.
Notice how the fabric of your shirt feels on the skin of your back.
Notice the texture of food in your mouth!

It's a wonderful world ... FEELING every bit of it is part of ...
Living Well!