Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tender Loving Care of the Body and Spirit is key in Living Well

I have spent this afternoon at the most wonderful spa! This is my second visit here and it is my intention to make it a quarterly ritual!

Its not expensive! $35 for a day pass, which includes unlimited use of the heated pools, saunas and heated themed therapy rooms. Saturdays they are open from 9am-midnight! $5 for unlimited tea throughout the visit, in the charming tea room! What a bargain! $40 for a FULL day of relaxation, rest, care, luxury!

There are lots of special services that of course cost extra and are wonderful! But, not necessities for every visit. The full body scrub/exfoliating treatment is, I think my most beneficial extravagance here!

Today has been a wonderful experience to work on heating and loosening tight muscles guarding my hip. LOL! You would laugh knowing me because I've been doing "hot yoga" in the heated therapy rooms when there aren't too many others, but this robe is restrictive, so I just used it as my yoga mat.

I'm also focused on exfoliating my skin to silky softness. Soaking in the 104 degree tub and rinsing with mugwart before scrubbing rough dry skin away. I bought myself a special body scrubbing cloth and a half pound of mugwart for at home.

Connecting body, heart, mind and spirit here is easy. Opening the flow and connection, open to receiving what G.U.S. has for me today. Journal near by to document His gifts for me. My heart is full and grounded!

I have chatted with some delightful ladies and love the fact that here, we are all beautiful, all equal. We're all wearing the same pink and white cap and the same mint green stripped robe. This is the part that feels the most extravagant and luxurious! Connecting with other lovely spirits!

My husband is at the drag races with his brother, so, no time constraints for me! Im luxuriating. I'm meditating. I'm pampering. I'm journaling. I'm loving. I'm...

Living Well

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