Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How to create more abundance in your life.

We all want more, don't we?
More peace. More money. More time. More love. More fresh air. More cheesecake LOL
Whatever it is, what if you could have more?

What if you already have that MORE?
and don't even know it?

What if every thing in your life is extra?
What if every thing you experience happens FOR you, instead of TO you?

We all come into this world naked and dependent.
Through the course of our journey on this planet, things are added to us.
Some of those things are soft and gentle. Some are hard and callusing.
Is it the thing itself or the way we experience it that determines it's positive or negative influence on our life? And what is it that determines how we receive those things?

Take some time today to just notice all of the abundance you have right now. Do you have food? Clothes the wear? A place to live? Are your bills paid?

If so, be thankful. Say it out loud. Write it down.

If not, those are the things you already know you need to be improving. But have you taken the time to consider how these deficiencies are shaping you? What are you learning about your deeper resiliency skills?

In this world, every thing is extra.
You get to decide if that means it's a bonus!
Or if that mean something more transactional.

Be blessed lovelies!

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